Collegiate Gametime Scoreboard

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Collegiate Gametime Scoreboard

The Collegiate Gametime Scoreboard is a digital scoreboard and time-keeping device with a powerful stereo audio system. Special college sound effects and fight songs bring the feel of the stadium home. Featuring state-of-the-art MP3 playback, this sleek and highly-portable device functions as a classic Boom Box.

Florida Gators Gametime ScoreboardGreat for any sport: basketball, football, volleyball, baseball, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, even wrestling. Take your Collegiate Gametime Scoreboard to the gym, the field or the arena and play your favorite tunes while keeping score by remote control (works upto 200 feet away). Also perfect for tailgating.

The Collegiate Gametime Scoreboard is powered by AC power adapter or 8 D-sized batteries. Super-bright and colorful 3.5″ LED digits can be viewed from as far away as 150 feet – even in direct sunlight. Keeps score from 0 to 199 for Home and Away.

Game clock counts up or down. Period indicator keeps track of upto nine (9) innings, periods or quarters. Microphone (included) allows for announcing from the sidelines. Removable sound effects card (included) contains over 25 game-related sounds such as booing, cheering and more. USB / MP3 Player – MP3s can be played on flash drives plugged directly into the onboard USB port. Portable music player – plug in your iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry or any other portable music player into the “line-in” port and supported audio cable. Audio “line-out” allows you to plug the scoreboard into an external amplifier.

The Gametime Scoreboard was named “Top Gadget at the American International Toy Fair” by Popular Mechanics, and was the recipient of the Design Exchange Award for Engineering.

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Packaging: Cardboard box | Dimensions: L 20″ x W 10″ x H 10″ | Weight: 10 lbs. | MSRP: $279.99 US | FLA UPC: 665090000103

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