Ice Breaker

Ice Breaker: The Card Hockey Board Game

Ice Breaker is the award-winning hockey simulation game that is great for the whole family. While it has all the great elements of a classic board game, Ice Breaker action derives from the specially-designed 54-card playing deck. Each card allows players to make the pass, take the shot or stack the pads for the save, simulating all the fast-paced action of the game of hockey.

Here is a short video and review of NHL Ice Breaker:

Check out the three different versions of Ice Breaker:

NHL Ice Breaker

NEW: NHL Ice Breaker: Battle of Quebec (available now)

NEW: Hockey Canada Ice Breaker (available now)


When the San Jose Sharks were in the process of naming their franchise, besides the eventual winner Sharks, other finalists included Ice Breakers, Rubber Puckies, Screaming Squids, Salty Dogs, Fog, Redwoods, and Blades. (source:

The Buzz on Ice Breaker

“If you enjoy hockey, this game is something you NEED to buy.”
– Sam Healey
Board game critic,

“This is a definite gem for hockey fans, well worth playing anytime.”
– Calvin Daniels
Board game critic & sports journalist

“Ice Breaker is the best table-top hockey game I’ve ever played. It’s the first that captures the feel and flow of ice hockey.”
– Ken Whitesell (at 2006 Origins)
40-year sports board game veteran
Shrewsbury, PA

Try out some cool game-play variations for NHL Ice Breaker

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Ages: 8 and up | Players: 1 to 4 | Time to Play: 30 minutes

Packaging: Cardboard box | Dimensions: L 10″ x W 8″ x H 2.25″

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