Hand-Off: The Card Football Board Game

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LSU-HandOff-box-comp-smallHand-Off combines the strategy and decision making of playing cards with the drama and tension of college football. The game can be played by one to four players and takes about 45 minutes to play four quarters. Hand-Off is the update to CSE Games’ original critically-acclaimed Card Football game which debuted in 2006.

Hand-Off lets you take control of the action – bust out a big run, throw a game-breaking long bomb, make the big open-field tackle, or pick off the pass and take it the other way for a touchdown. The game will also help fans of all ages familiarize themselves with the decision-making, complexities and language of college football.

Bring the spirit of Saturdays home with Hand-Off. School colors adorn virtually every game element of the game – from the playing cards to the game board. In addition, you can play as one of the all-time teams and look for “signature play” Team Cards that can give you the advantage over your competition.

Hand-Off is the game for the college football fan and card player in your life.

The first limited-editions of Hand-Off feature:

Florida Gators (order now)

LSU Tigers (order now)

Stay tuned for future versions of Hand-Off, featuring other top college football programs.

Here’s a teaser of Florida Gators Hand-Off in action:

Game contents:

  1. 54-card deck + Penalty / Big Hit / Field Goal card
  2. Game board
  3. Football yard marker
  4. First-down marker (referee & linesman)
  5. All-Time Team Cards
  6. Score pad
  7. 12-sided die
  8. Rulebook
  9. Quick-start rulesheet

Skills developed in this game:

For youngsters, Hand-Off teaches the rules of college football and promotes the skills of counting and language (including football language), while stimulating decision-making. It supports mental processing and sharpens cognitive skills in a fun, competitive college football environment.

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The Buzz on Hand-Off

“A ridiculously fun game.”
– Thee Insidius Doktor (dr glaze et al, BoardGameGeek.com member)

“The overall feel captures the swings and tensions of real football.”
– Silent Dibs (sdiberar, BoardGameGeek.com member)

“The first truly new approach for a table-top football game in over 20 years.”
– Ken Whitesell (40-year sports board game veteran)
Shrewsbury, PA

“There’s something about [Card Football] that will draw in a lot of people. And that’s the fact that it’s a lot of fun to play! Card Football delivers an enjoyable experience. And isn’t that what we’re all looking for?”
– Tom Vasel (board game critic, The Dice Tower)

“I get into this game like no other board game I’ve ever played.”
– Jeff Smith (Game Breakers Sports Cards)

Pick up Florida Gators or LSU Tigers Hand-Off at:




FoxSports.com Shop

Gator Mania



LSU Sport Shop (Tiger Stadium)

Ages: 10 and up | Players: 1 to 4 | Time to Play: 45 minutes

Packaging: Cardboard box | Dimensions: L 10″ x W 8″ x H 2.25″ | Stock Code: CSE-FLA0101 / CSE-LSU0101 | UPC: 818184 000026 / 818184 000101 | MSRP: $24.99 US | Case pack: 0.02 CBM, 3.0 kg

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