Card Football: Premiere Edition

The game that started it all. The predecessor to Hand-Off (and first official release from CSE Games), this fast and furious card-based board game appeals to gaming, sports and fantasy sports fans as well as card players. Play is based on the philosophy of “high-hand wins” and combines the best elements of several classic card games. One to four players deliberate over playing strong cards immediately or holding them back for a Power Hand, giving players great control over the outcome.

Card Football was named a Top 10 Card Game of 2006 as well as a Top 10 Football Game of All-Time by (part of the New York Times Company).

For one to four players, Card Football takes about 45 minutes to play.

Game contents:

  1. 54-card deck
  2. Game board
  3. 64 Player & Team Chips
  4. Mini referee / yard-marker
  5. Scoreboard
  6. Rulebook
  7. Quick-start rule sheet

Skills developed in this game:

Card Football teaches the skills of counting and language, while stimulating visual perception and decision-making. It supports quick mental processing and sharpens cognitive skills in a fun competitive football atmosphere.

The Buzz on Card Football

“Brilliant little game… great game play… new king of the gridiron… it really feels like a football game.”
– Christopher Brandon (Fenway5) member

“The overall feel captures the swings and tensions of real football.”
– Silent Dibs (sdiberar) member

“If you love football (or, even if you are like my wife and only “like” football) I can not recommend this game enough. Great fun.”
– Tim Pelletier (tpelletier) member

“The best game of 2005, a ridiculously fun game.”
– Thee Insidius Doktor (dr glaze et al) member

“Card Football is the first truly new approach for a table-top football game in over 20 years.”
– Ken Whitesell (at 2006 Origins)
40-year sports board game veteran
Shrewsbury, PA

“This is the best sports board game I’ve seen.”
– Gareth Shindel
New Century Distribution
Vancouver, BC

“Intoxicating for football fans and game enthusiasts of all ages.”
– Baron Bedesky
Veteran Sports Collectibles Journalist
St. Catharines, ON

“One of the ‘Top Two’ new games at Origins, and the best two-player game.”
– Ty Hansen (at 2006 Origins)
Board game veteran
Washington, DC

“I demoed this game at Origins [2006] and loved it. There were a few football games available at Origins, but hands down this was the best one there.”
– John Timberlake (Doctor Doom) member

“There’s something about [Card Football] that will draw in a lot of people. And that’s the fact that it’s a lot of fun to play! Card Football delivers an enjoyable experience. And isn’t that what we’re all looking for?”
– Tom Vasel
The Dice Tower

“Simple, dynamic, clever. Quick, fast-paced and full of theme. This seems to be the tone of the D54 games.”
– Marcus Santana (Ronaldo) member

“The game was met with excellent response.”
– Judy Pascarella
Nannicola, Inc. (Warren, OH)

“I get into this game like no other board game I’ve ever played.”
– Jeff Smith
Game Breakers Sports Cards (Ottawa, ON)

“This is the greatest game of all time… it’s football; it just feels like football.”
– Chris Edwards (at 2006 Super Show in Orlando, FL)
Pro Image Sports, District Manager (Pittsburgh, PA)

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Ages: 10 and up | Players: 1 to 4 | Time to Play: 45 minutes

Packaging: Cardboard box | Dimensions: L 9″ x W 8″ x H 2.25″ | Stock Code: CSE-FBL0101 | UPC: 626551 634015 | MSRP: $24.99

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