Hand-Off, Gametime Scoreboard featured in LSU Tiger Tailer Newsletter

February 1, 2013

CSE Games is excited to report that our award-winning Hand-Off football board game and Gametime Scoreboard have been featured in the official LSU Tigers Tiger Tailer Newsletter.

This quarterly newsletter is sent to the most prominent retailers of LSU Tigers merchandise and features new and unique LSU products. It is also posted online at www.LSU.com.


College Colors Day

September 1, 2011

To celebrate College Colors Day, CSE Games is happy to offer a limited-time special for our super-exciting Florida Gators products.

Hand-Off: Florida Gators Edition

The first licensed college football action board game in over 20 years. Hand-Off: Florida Gators Edition combines the strategy and decision making of playing cards with the drama and tension of college football. Hand-Off is the perfect game for fans of college football and card players. A game you can really sink your teeth into. Expect to be surprised.

SPECIAL Price: $20.00 (SRP $29.99, ships Dec. 2012, USA only)

Gametime Scoreboard (Florida Gators)

The Gametime Scoreboard is the award-winning portable digital scoreboard, time keeper and music player. With special Florida Gators-specific sound effects, you can bring the feel of the stadium or arena right to your home. Take your Gametime Scoreboard to the gym, the field or the street for some pick-up basketball, baseball, football, volleyball, soccer – you name it. Listen your favorite tunes and keep score by remote control. Featuring state-of-the-art MP3 playback, this sleek and portable device functions as a classic Boom Box. Your games will never be the same.

Order now!
SRP $279.99, ships now, USA only

Gametime Decision

March 22, 2011

CSE Games Hits the Market with Portable Digital Scoreboard
by LicensingOutlook.com

Fabio Del Rio has always been a sports fan, not to mention an athlete. At [Brock University], Del Rio was a southpaw hurler on the school’s 1998 club, which won the Canadian national championship. He also spent three years as an editor for a sports collectible magazine and worked for an NHL trading card company. Given his background, it wasn’t quite a stretch when Del Rio and his brother decided to formulate CSE Games.

“We came up with the idea for our first product in 2006,” says Del Rio. “We called it Card Football. It was a football board game that incorporated the classic elements of playing cards.”

Card Football was very well received. It was named a Top 10 Card Game of 2006 as well as a Top 10 Football Game of All-Time by About.com. “That very same year we launched a hockey version called NHL Ice Breaker,” says Del Rio. “It was named one of the top 10 board games of 2006 by TheDiceTower.com.”

The latest offering from CSE, however, is all about keeping score in games. Last year, the company introduced the Gametime Scoreboard, a portable digital scoreboard and time-keeping device with a powerful dual-speaker audio system, with built in hockey sound effects. “The special sound effects bring the feel of the stadium or arena home.,” says Del Rio.

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Card Football: Top 10 Football Board Game of All-Time

February 7, 2010

By Erik Arneson (About.com – Board Games)

Football (American football, not the sport also known as soccer) is my favorite sport. A lot of football-themed games have been published over the years, and here are my picks for the best of them…

#7. Card Football

For 2 players, ages 10 and up. Designer not credited, published by CSE Games.

A standard deck of cards and the game of Poker are the backbone of this clever game. Players begin with a five-card hand, playing one or more cards simultaneously to determine the outcome of each play. The highest Poker hand played wins each hand, then each player replenishes to five cards. Hand management becomes key, as players must decide when to play their best cards and when to hold back. A similar system is used in NHL Ice Breaker, also published by CSE Games…

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Card Football and Madden 10: a great pair for Christmas

December 14, 2009

Card Football and EA’s NFL Madden 10 are offered as a special bundle on Amazon.com. Check out the bottom-left corner:

Card Football and NFL Madden 10

College Football Hand-Off pushed to 2009-10

October 27, 2008

CSE Games has confirmed that release of College Football Hand-Off: The Card Football Board Game has been pushed to 2009-10. No official date has yet been set, but look for more details soon.

Florida Gators playing card

About.com – 2008 World Boardgaming Championships

August 12, 2008

Here’s a snip of Erik Arneson’s trip to the 2008 World Boardgaming Championships.

The 2008 World Boardgaming Championships concluded yesterday, ending a weeklong event attended by about 1,500 gamers and featuring more than 100 tournaments. I’ve never been a big tournament player, and this year I only entered one: Football Strategy, a game most recently published in 1980 by Avalon Hill. In Football Strategy, the player on defense selects his formation (one of 10 possibilities) using a deck of cards, and then the offensive player announces his play selection (one of 20). The defender reveals his card and the players consult a chart to see what the outcome is. I played four games, finishing with a 2-2 record. All four games were dramatic, determined by a touchdown or less (20-14, 17-23, 13-8, 10-17). I’d rather play Pizza Box Football or Card Football, but I’m glad I had the chance to try Football Strategy…

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