Popular Mechanics: Gametime Scoreboard ‘Top Gadget’ at 2010 NY Toy Fair

By Cassie Rodenberg

Top 12 Gadgets from the International Toy Fair: Gallery

The Toy Industry Association’s International Toy Fair is the place where toy store buyers go annually to take their pick of the latest entertainment innovations. We got a chance to walk around the showroom floor this weekend and check out what the kids will be clamoring for in 2010. Here are 12 high-tech toys that we want right now…

#1. Gametime Scoreboard

This is the ultimate court-side boom box. Canada’s CSE Games [presents] the Gametime Scoreboard [created by Versus Ltd.] complete with MP3 playback, game sound effects and a portable scoreboard that keeps score by remote control.

For full details visit:

To order the your scoreboard today, go to Amazon.com (USA) of Amazon.ca (Canada). The NHL Gametime Scoreboard is available now.

Watch the Versus Gametime Scoreboard demo video.

Order the NHL Scoreboard today!

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